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Instrument Enables LPDDR4, DDR4 Protocol Validation and Debugging at Data Rates Proven to 4 Gb/s


New logic analyzer module offers state mode up to 4 Gb/s, timing mode up to 10 GHz, memory depth up to 400 MB
New quad-sample state mode enables single-point probing for DDR4 and LPDDR4 systems operating greater than 2,500 Mb/s
New probing technology, with the smallest DDR4 BGA interposers and connectorless probe cables, enable engineers to validate and debug simultaneous read and write DDR4 or LPDDR4 traffic operating at data rates up to 4 Gb/s

Keysight Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: KEYS) today introduced a logic analyzer module with the industry's highest-data-rate state mode (up to 4 Gb/s), highest timing mode (10 GHz) and deepest memory depth (up to 400 MB). Keysight also introduced two W4640A Series DDR4 BGA interposers with zero insertion force (ZIF) probe/cables, and Soft Touch Pro connectorless probe cables that enable engineers to validate and debug simultaneous read and write DDR4 or LPDDR4 traffic operating at data rates up to 4 Gb/s.

The Keysight U4164A logic analyzer is designed for engineers who work on high-end digital designs, mobile, computing, DDR/LPDDR memory and server applications. The U4164A combines its industry-leading state capture speed with the ability to reliably capture data on the industry's smallest eye openings (as small as 100 ps by 100 mV). These capabilities allow engineers to measure the increasingly fast digital signals used in emerging technologies and validate and troubleshoot their designs with confidence.
"DDR4 and LPDDR4 memory speeds continue to increase, probing space decreases and new power-saving modes of memory technologies are being enabled, making reliable measurements and analysis more critical," said Dave Cipriani, vice president and general manager of Keysight's Oscilloscope and Protocol Division. "Keysight's new technology in the U4164A logic analyzer, new probing products and software analysis tools help our customers continue to capture live high-speed traffic so they can understand, debug and validate their digital systems as bus speeds increase."

The U4164A logic analyzer module has two new modes of operation: quad-sample state mode and 10-GHz quarter-channel timing mode. In addition to the new modes of operation, the U4164A logic analyzer module includes new features to help high-speed digital and DDR/LPDDR memory design engineers turn on and debug their systems faster. New features include a timing mode deskew control, dual thresholds in dual-sample state mode, and clock hysteresis control to adjust the state mode sensitivity to noise on clock inputs.

The U4164A's new modes of operation enable new probing methods, including the U4206A Soft Touch Pro direct-connect probe/cable designed exclusively for use with the U4164A. New W4640A Series DDR4 two-wing BGA interposers (W4643A for DDR4 x4/x8 and W4641A for DDR4 x16 DRAM probing) take full advantage of quad-sample state mode on the U4164A and are the smallest BGA interposers for DDR4 capable of capturing simultaneous read and write traffic greater than 3.2 Gb/s. New U4208A and U4209A probe/cables connect the W4640A Series DDR4 BGA interposers directly into the U4164A logic analyzer module with 61-pin high-density zero insertion force (ZIF) connectors at the W4640A wings.

Engineers can merge up to three U4164A logic analysis modules to capture DDR4 DIMM traffic at data rates already proven up to 4 Gb/s using the FS2510AB DDR4 DIMM interposer from Keysight Strategic Solutions Partner FuturePlus Systems.

The exclusive eye-scan capability of the U4164A gives engineers a quick overview of signal integrity on all signals of a DDR system in a fraction of the time it takes using alternative methods.

Keysight's comprehensive DDR/LPDDR solution portfolio continues to expand across all stages of DDR chip development to help engineers overcome tough DDR and LPDDR troubleshooting and probing challenges.

The Keysight B4661A memory analysis software DDR2/3/4 and LPDDR/2/3/4 protocol compliance and analysis software helps engineers quickly identify protocol problem areas and obtain an overview of system performance.
Keysight offers a broad range of probing solutions compatible with the U4164A including DDR2/3/4 BGA interposers as well as Keysight soft-touch probes for midbus probing.
Keysight channel partner FuturePlus Systems offers a broad range of DIMM and SODIMM solutions compatible with the U4164A for DDR2/3/4.

The U4164A logic analyzer module is compatible with Keysight's M9502A two-slot and M9505A five-slot AXIe chassis. Multiple modular systems can be combined for time-correlated measurements on multiple buses in a system.


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