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Top Dog Test specialises in the sale, repair, calibration, rental/lease and liquidation of Keithley Test equipment and Measurement Equipment. Access to the world's largest online inventory of Keithley Electronic Test Equipment allows us to offer our customers the exact Keithley Test equipment to meet their needs with maximum flexibility and fast delivery. For budget-friendly pricing, no one beats Top Dog Test. Customer satisfaction is implemented in everything we do including easy account setup and ordering of Keithley products and services for Keithley repair and Keithley calibration. The sales department personally answers your call to discuss your Keithley product and service needs for either a regular purchase or special Keithley project and provide solutions based on your needs regarding the Keithley repair or Keithley calibration and more. Take advantage of a full range of Keithley pricing, shipping and financing options to obtain quality equipment at the most affordable prices comes with multiple possession options including Keithley rentals. When you call, we answer.

Top Dog Test professional sales representatives are experienced with all Keithley products. By providing you with an accurate assessment of your Keithley needs, we deliver the right Keithley product for your application and budget. Top Dog Test delivers quality Keithley equipment, fully calibrated and warrantied to guarantee customer satisfaction. Top Dog Test is committed to providing outstanding customer service that is prompt, professional and accurate. We thrive to provide each of our customers with top tier service that is honest and dependable and Products suitable to their need to buy the Keithley Product or go for Keithley rental.

Keithley Instruments is a measurement and instrument company headquartered in Solon, Ohio, that develops, manufactures, markets, and sells data acquisition products, as well as complete system solutions for high-volume production and assembly testing.


Featured Models include:

2400 - 2700 - 2000 - 2450 - 2410 - 237 - 4200-SCS - 7001 - 7035 - 7011-MTC-2 - 2602 - 6517A - 6485 -

The company designs, develops, manufactures and markets electronic instruments and systems geared to the specialized needs of electronics manufacturers for high-performance production testing, process monitoring, product development, and research. The Company has approximately 500 products used to source, measure, connect, control or communicate direct current (DC), radio frequency (RF), or optical signals. Product offerings include integrated systems solutions, instruments, and personal computer (PC) plug-in boards that can be used as system components or as stand-alone solutions. The Company's markets are engineers, technicians, and scientists in manufacturing, product development, and research functions. Keithley operates throughout North America, Asia, and Europe. It develops new solutions for the broader electronics industry, as well as Electronic Manufacturing Production Test, Semiconductor, Telecommunications/Wireless and Research/Education.

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