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Agilent (Keysight) 81634A

Optical Power sensor Module

Agilent's 81634A general purpose optical power sensor is the right choice for accurate power measurements on fiberoptic devices. The modular sensor fits into all Agilent 816x Lightwave mainframes and can be used singly or in multiples for parallel measurements of multichannel devices. The output fiber is easily attached using Agilent's flexible connector adapters or bare-fiber adapter. Performance Characteristics - Form Factor Module (proprietary interface/bus) - Number of Channels 1 ch - Minimum Wavelength 800 nm - Maximum Wavelength 1700 nm - Maximum Power 0.01 Watts - Measurement Accuracy 2.5 % Programmability/Connectivity - User Interface Proprietary Life Cycle Data - Out of Production Apr-01-2001 - Out of Support Apr-01-2006 Compliance - CE Compliance Not on file - UL Compliance Not compliant Power Requirements - Input Power Not required

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