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Spectrum Analyzers: Electrical & Test Equipment

Image Brand Part # Overview
Agilent (Keysight) 3569A Hand-held Realtime Dual Channel Dynamic Signal Analyzer
Agilent (Keysight) N9340A Handheld RF Spectrum Analyzer, 100 kHz - 3 GHz
Agilent (Keysight) N9340B Handheld RF Spectrum Analyzer, 100 kHz - 3 GHz (tunable to 9 kHz)
Agilent (Keysight) N9344C Handheld Spectrum Analyzer (HSA), 1 MHz to 20 GHz (tunable to 9 kHz)
Agilent (Keysight) 70902A IF Section, 10 Hz to 300 kHz
Agilent (Keysight) 70903A IF Section, 100 kHz to 3 MHz
Agilent (Keysight) 70900B Local Oscillator control module for the modular spectrum analyzers
Agilent (Keysight) 70600A Microwave preselector module
Agilent (Keysight) 71209A Microwave Spec Analyzer, 100Hz -26.5GHz (Modular)
Agilent (Keysight) 71200C Microwave Spec Analyzer, 50kHz-22GHz (Modular)
Agilent (Keysight) 71210C Microwave Spec. Analyzer, 100Hz-22 GHz (Modular)
Advantest U3661 Microwave Spectrum Analyzer
Anritsu MS2626A MS2626A 10 kHz to 6.5 GHz Spectrum Analyzer
Agilent (Keysight) 11757B Multipath Fading Simulator/Signature Test Set
Agilent (Keysight) 71200P MW Spectrum Analyzer, 50 KHz to 22 GHz
Agilent (Keysight) N9020A MXA Signal Analyzer 20 Hz to (3.6, 8.4, 13.6, and 26.5 GHz)
Acterna OSA-201 Optical Spectrum Analyzer
Acterna OSA-300 Optical Spectrum Analyzer
Acterna OSA-301 Optical Spectrum Analyzer
Acterna OSA-303 Optical Spectrum Analyzer

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