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Spectrum Analyzers

BK Precision 2620A

0.15MHz - 500MHz, Spectrum Analyzer (w/Tracking Gener)

The 2620A is a Data Acquisition Unit ideal for applications that require direct connection to a PC for real-time data collection. An RS-232 serial interface makes it easy to connect the Hydra Data Acquisition Unit to a PC or modem for real-time data acquisition. The 2620A can also be used as a 20-channel panel meter. The 2620A comes with a removable Universal Input Module that enables fast, convenient set-up and reconfiguration. Any combination of dc voltage, ac voltage, thermocouple, RTD, resistance, or frequency measurements can be connected to the input module without the need for additional signal conditioning. Thermocouple reference junction compensation is automatically performed by sensing the temperature of the input module's isothermal block. Features: - 21 analog input channels (maximum) - Accepts 9 types of thermocouples - Resistance to 10 megohms - DC voltage ranges 100 mV to 150 V - Max dc resolution 1 µV - AC voltage ranges 300 mV to 150 V - DC current 4 to 20 mA - Counter to 1 MHz - Battery back-up - RS-232 interface (IEEE-488 available with option 05) - 90 to 264 Vac, 50 or 60 Hz operation; or 9.0 to 16 Vdc - Weight: 7 lb; Size: 93 mm (3.67 in)H x 216 mm (8.5 in)W x 312 mm (12.3 in)D

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