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Panasonic VP-8174A

0.1 MHz to 110 MHz, AM/FM Signal Generator

AM/FM Signal Generator is used for tests of AM/FM stereo receivers, radio communication equipment, and component parts as well as multi function and high performance equipment like car audio or radio cassette. Features: - It generates CW, FM, and AM waveforms and has a built-in high-level Stereo Modulator. - GP-IB (HP-IB) interface for flexible system configuration. - Two frequency bands: 100 kHz to 30 MHz and 30 MHz to 110 MHz - Output level: -19 dB to +99 dB (1 dB steps) - Modulation: 0 to 99,5 kHz (FM) or 0 to 60% (AM) - A composite FM Stereo Modulation Generator is installed (Modes: MONO / L=R / L / R / L=-R) - Memory function (100 assorted functions)
VP-8174A - Attributes:
30 MHz - 110 MHz

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