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Ceyear AV86403

One-Step Fiber Cleaver

AV86403 adopts precise circular blade for cleaving fiber. During operation, it only needs to downward press the operating handle to finish the fiber holding and cleaving. The fiber holder is fixed by magnetic force, thus is easy and convenient to exchange, and very suitable for FTTH. Once the operating handle is opened, the blade automatically returns back to the initial position, and the off-cut collector automatically collects the fiber scraps, then it is ready for next cleaving. AV86403 is applicable for cleaving of SM, MM, DS, NZ-DS silica fibers. It has reasonable size, moderate weight, which is easy to carry and suitable to operate under various situations.


  • High-precision circular blade
  • AV86403 Fiber Cleaver adopts high-precision circular blade for fiber cleaving. The blade has 16 positions and each position yields 2500 cleaves, which means that the total life of the blade is up to 40000 cleaves.
  • One-step operation
  • AV86403 needs only one step for cleaving, which does not require much experience from the operators. Users are able to independently operate the cleaver only after a brief training. When the fiber is well placed, it only needs to downward press the operation handle to complete the fiber holding and cleaving.
  • Quick exchange of the holders
  • The fiber holders are fixed by magnetic force, and they are easy and convenient to exchange, which is quite suitable for FTTH. The multiple holders for our newly developed AV6473 FTTH optical fiber fusion splicer can be directly used on AV86403 fiber cleaver.
  • Blade initialization
  • After one cleaving, when the operating handle is opened, the blade will automatically return back to the initial position, and be ready for next cleaving.
  • Automatic off-cut collector
  • AV86403 offers automatic off-cut collector (optional). During the blade initialization, it can automatically collect the fiber scraps to avoid any personal safety harm and environment pollution.


During communication optical fiber construction, trouble shooting, and LAN optical fiber construction etc., all the fibers must be cleaved before fiber connection, for which the fiber cleaver is needed.

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