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Ceyear AV6416

Handheld Optical Time-Domain Reflectometer

AV6416 Handheld Optical Time-Domain Reflectometer (AV6416 OTDR) is a test instrument designed for FTTx, which is mainly used to measure the physical characteristics of optical fiber & cables, including length, transmission loss and splice loss etc.. It can also accurately locate the event point and fault point along the optical fiber. AV6416 OTDR is widely applied to the engineering construction, maintenance test, and urgent repairing of optical fiber communication system, as well as the R&D, manufacturing, and test of optical fiber & cables. AV6416 OTDR adopts the most advanced technology of double color and two materials integrative mold design process, which makes it novel and beautiful in appearance, strong and firm in structure. With antireflection LCD display, the operation interface is quite clear even in field environment. Two power supply modes are available. With the large capacity lithium battery, the instrument can work more than 10 hours. It has two types of USB interfaces, which can connect to the U disk, or can communicate with PC through USB cable. In addition, it provides comfortable straps for convenient carrying.


  • Palm, lightweight, convenient to carry;
  • The most advanced technology of two color and two materials integrative mold, strong and firm;
  • Advancedantireflection LCD, clear display interfacein field;
  • 1m ultra-shortevent dead zone, easy to test optical fiber jumper;
  • Automatic & manual test function;
  • Automatic detection of the communication light signal;
  • Touch screen and keyboard operation;
  • Two USB interfaces, can connect to the external U disk, or communicate with PC through SyncActive software;
  • Support Bellcore GR196 and SR-4731 file format;
  • Intelligent indication of battery capacity, alarm when the battery is running out;
  • WinCE window operation system, Chinese/ English operation interface;
  • Large capacity lithium battery to support over 10 hours of operation, suitable for long-time filed work;
  • Built-in visible fault locator (VFL) function;
  • Exchangeable optical output connector, more convenient for surface cleaning;
  • On-line upgrading of application software, no need to return back to the manufacturer.

Ultra-short event dead zone - AV6416 OTDRhas ultra-short event dead zone, which is especially suitable to test the short optical fiber line and optical fiber jumper.

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