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Ceyear AV4958

Multifunctional Microwave Analyzer

AV4958 Multifunctional Microwave Analyzer integrates multiple functions, such as tests of cable and antenna SWR, distance to fault(DTF), insertion loss and gain, spectrum analysis and power measurement, etc.. It is flexible and convenient to carry with the frequency range from 1MHz to 20GHz. Battery is available for power supply, which makes it suitable for field tests. Used widely in several fields including field installation, performance test, daily maintenance and emergency maintenance test of electronic equipment in terms of radar, communication and ECM. The analyzer can help upgrade filed repair and support of users.


  • Multiple measurement modes:
  • Cable & Antenna test: for test of cable and antenna (return loss, DTF, etc.);
  • Network analysis: for test of full S-parameters (various display types);
  • Spectrum analysis: for spectrum analysis (channel power, occupied bandwidth, etc.);
  • Power monitoring: for power measurement;
  • Vector voltage measurement: for measurement of vector voltage;
  • USB power measurement: for power measurement of USB interface.
  • Frequency range of Cable & Antenna test is 1MHz~20GHz, frequency resolution is 10Hz;
  • Frequency range of network analysis is 1MHz~20GHz, frequency resolution is 10Hz, dynamic range is 80dB~95dB;
  • Frequency range of spectrum analysis is 100KHz~20GHz, sideband noise is -105dBc/Hz@1MHz (1GHz carrier).
  • Small and light with built-in battery, provides easy field operation;
  • Perfect auto diagnosis and auto status test;
  • Intelligent power management, indication of remaining capacity and low capacity alarm.
  • Chinese and English menus with instructions and help info;
  • 7-inch high-brightness true-color TFT LCD, good visibility even under direct sunlight.
  • External input bias T is available, provides power supply for active DUT;
  • Two types of USB2.0 interfaces, for connection of portable storage device and communication with PC;
  • One 100M network interface, for construction of local network or remote control.
  • Cable & antennatest

Frequency range of the Cable & Antenna test is 1MHz~20GHz, frequency resolution is 10Hz. It can measure voltage SWR, return loss, impedance, cable loss of DUT and other parameters. DTF is also available to identify impedance mismatch precisely.

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