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Spectrum Analyzers

Ceyear AV4051

Signal/Spectrum Analyzer

The AV4051 Series Signal/Spectrum Analyzers support incomparable spectrum testing services of high price to performance ratio. The analyzers have excellent dynamic range, phase noise, amplitude precision and testing speed, can supply ten testing functions in total including high-performance spectrum analysis, spectral power test modules conforming to relevant criteria etc. Capabilities of the analyzers can be greatly augmented. Multiple practical options are available like preamplifier, phase noise testing, random IF output and so on. AV4051 Series can be widely applied in signal and instrument tests relating to fields of aerospace, communication, EMC, radar detection, navigation, etc..


  • Wide Frequency Range
  • Max. 200MHz Analyzing Bandwidth
  • Excellent Test & Receiving Performance
  • Comprehensive Spectrum Analysis Capability
  • Transient Analysis andSignal Playback Analysis
  • Abundant Function Options
  • Flexible Analog & Digital Signal Output Interface

Wide Frequency Range

  • Coaxial frequency covering range up to 67GHz
  • 9 optional frequency band and configurations, more economical
  • Can be configured with broad frequency band preamplifier corresponding to the frequency band of main unit.
  • The frequency can be extended up to 325GHz (with external frequency extension option).

Max. 200MHz Analyzing Bandwidth

  • Provide 3 analyzing bandwidth configuration: 10MHz (standard), 40MHz, 200MHz etc.
  • The bandwidth can be flexibly selected: from 10Hz to 200MHz, more than 40 levels.
  • Provide 4GB deep storage, according to the selected bandwidth, the seamless capture time differs from 2s to several hours.

Excellent Test & Receiving Performance

  • 1GHz measurement DANL is -156dBm/Hz; with preamplifier on, the typical value is -167dBm/Hz
  • 50GHz measurement DANL is -141dBm/Hz; configured with preamplifier, the typical value is -150dBm/Hz
  • 67GHz measurement DANL is -135dBm/Hz
  • Full digital IF design, excellent scale fidelity and IF error.

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