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Ceyear AV4037

Spectrum Analyzer

AV4037 Series Spectrum Analyzers attach great importance to optimization of performance and cost. The two product lines contain 10 models to meet demands of medium-to-high and economy market. The design is cutting-edge and mature, and the comprehensive performance is excellent. The flexibility and convenience provide users a wonderful usage experience. Fast tests can be accomplished by auto testing and auto calibration. Stable performance ensures test data repeatability. SCPI order set and VISA and IVI drive libraries support highly efficient program development.

The analyzers are designed in series to meet diversified needs by adding and deleting options. Chinese/English operation interfaces and 7 inch high brightness color micro anti-reflection LCD provide high resolution and wide angle of view to adapt to environments in various lights. The standard 3U portable cabinets make the analyzers solid in structure and light in weight. AV4037 analyzers are mainly used for electronic product development, on-line testing of production lines, composition of auto testing systems etc..


  • Wide frequency range, the lowest reaches 30Hz and the highest up to 6GHz.
  • High dynamic range, 0dBm at 1dB gain compression, TOI(tri-order intercept point)+10dBm,DANL(display average noise level)is better than -165dBm(typical at 1GHz).
  • Excellent phase noise, -110dBc/Hz at 10kHz offset(typical).
  • Wide range of sweep time, non-zero span is 1ms~2000s, zero span is 1┬Ás~4000s.
  • Fast testing speed, testing ratio is as high as 90 counts/sec.
  • All digital IF, high spectrum resolution, the min. resolution bandwidth reaches 1Hz.
  • Auto calibration, strong circumstance adaptability.
  • Two spectrum analysis modes, SF and FFT, can optimize test speed and dynamic range flexibly.
  • Resolution bandwidth takes 1-2-3-5 steps, can generate the best coordination of frequency bandwidth and resolution bandwidth,and optimize spectrum resolution.
  • Multiple video detection types are available, including normal, positive peak, negative peak, sampling, average value etc. Users are able to select flexibly when they test different types of signals to obtain fast testing results.
  • As many as 6 traces are displayed to support simultaneous tests of multiple traces in diversified video detection modes. Can supply 12 scalars at most with flexible reading modes, support scale cross-trace identification.
  • Embedded computer and multi-task operation system, convenient for storage, print and data sharing of testing results.
  • 7 inch high brightness color micro anti-reflection LCD with high resolution and wide view angle. It is capable of clear display even under bright sunshine.
  • Easy menu operation and comprehensive parameter settings. Support tests with external mouse, keyboard and VGA.
  • 3 USB2.0 interfaces. Support movable storage devices and plug-play peripheral devices.
  • Support 10M/100M self-adaptive network interconnection.
  • Support GPIB, LAN programmable control, the instruction set conforms to SCPI 1999.0. Qualified VISA and IVI drive libraries, which passed strict examinations, are available for users to construct their own automatic testing systems.
  • Extremely-Low Display Average Noise Level
  • Turn on the built-in preamplifier, the displayed average noise level (DANL) is as low as -165Bm/Hz (Typical: 1GHz).

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