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Ceyear AV1431

Handheld RF/Microwave Signal Generator

AV1431 Handheld Microwave Signal Generator and AV1431A Handheld RF Signal Generator are all provided with unified handheld case, which is highly integrated, compact, lightweight, and easy to carry. The signal generator provides Simplified Chinese/English menus and friendly interface, which make the operation easy to learn. The output signals of AV1431 and AV1431A respectively cover microwave and RF, with high frequency resolution, large dynamic range, and functions of step sweep and multiple modulations. It adopts two modes of power supply, and is excellent in power saving. The built-in high-capacity rechargeable lithium-ion battery supports long-time operation, which can meet the test requirements of most communication and radar countermeasures equipment during installation, calibration and field maintenance. The excellent cost performance makes the signal generator an ideal choice for test & analysis in fields like colleagues, civil communication etc..


  • Compact, lightweight, built-in battery, field operation with ease
  • Friendly human-machine interface, Simplified Chinese/English menu, simple operation, easy to learn and use
  • Built-in modulation signal generator
  • Amplitude modulation, frequency modulation and pulse modulation
  • Two sweep modes: List & Step
  • Perfect self-diagnosis function and self-test of state.
  • LAN and USB interfaces, provide standard program control command and realize program control operation.
  • Intelligent power management and power-saving mode, residual power indicator and low battery warning.

Compact, lightweight, built-in battery, field operation with ease

With the same size, AV1431and AV1431A are both compact and lightweight. The built-in high-capacity rechargeable lithium-ion battery is easy to replace. The high-capacity battery provides you the performance of desktop equipment and the multifunctional carrying bag brings the convenience of a handheld device, which is very suitable for field work.

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