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Aeroflex 6821

1 MHz to 3 GHz Scalar Analyzer

The 6820 series of scalar analyzers covers the most commonly required frequency bands in 5 versions. A comprehensive range of accessories is available to support each of these units. The synthesized source has low phase noise and 1Hz frequency resolution. VCOs are used for frequencies above 3GHz and an integrated RF synthesizer for the 1MHz to 3GHz range. Optionally increased output power is available from 3 to 24GHz. Internal filtering results in excellent harmonic performance of Features: - Range: - 1MHz to 3GHz Scalar Analyzer - Resolution (Settable) 1Hz to 24GHz;2Hz 24GHz to 46GHz - Settable Power Resolution: 0.01dB
6821 - Attributes:
1 MHz - 3 GHz

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