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Power Meter

Bird Electronics APM-16

1W-1000W, 2MHz -2.3GHz, THRULINE RF Power Meter

This is an insertion type RF wattmeter designed to measure power flow and load match in 50 ohm RF coaxial transmission lines. The Bird APM-16, RF Wattmeter, can be used with CW, FM & PCM/Digital signals. When used in a 50 ohm application with 'N' type connectors, the APM-16 has an insertion VSWR of less than 1.05 for frequencies up to 100MHz. The Bird APM-16 Thruline Wattmeter is a portable unit contained in a die cast aluminium housing, with a formed sheet aluminium back closure. Features: - Frequencies: - Less than 1.05 MHz - Up to 100 MHz - Meter has three scales: - 0 to 25 - 0 to 50 - 0 to 100 - with 5% overshoot

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