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Optical Sources

Ceyear AV6383

Optical Laser Source

AV6383A/B Aariable Optical Attenuator, with the whole new optical attenuation technics, can achieve 0dB~80dB /0dB~65dB continues andvariable attenuation for any optical signals within a wide wavelength range of 1200nm~1650nm, has high attenuation accuracy and repeatability but sees no power jump. Besides, it provides absolute attenuation mode and relative attenuation mode to satisfy customer’s various test needs.


  • Wide wavelength range, wide attenuation range
  • High attenuation accuracy, low insertation loss
  • Absolute and relative attenuation mode
  • Shutter and attenuation zero function
  • Wide wavelengthrange, wide attenuation range
  • AV6383A/B can perform 0dB~65dB attenuation for any optical signals within the wavelength range of 1200nm~1650nm. It requires no shift in the whole attenuation range, and power jump won’t occur.
  • High attenuation accuracy, low insertation loss
  • AV6383A/B has high attenuation accuracy up to ±0.1dB /±0.15dB, repeatability of ±0.01dB /±0.015dB, and low insertation loss less than 1.5dB, provides customers a highly accurate attenuation.
  • Absolute and relative attenuation mode
  • This device has absolute (insertation loss included) and relative (compare to another settled reference value) attenuation mode, to satisfy customer’s various needs.
  • Light gate and attenuation zero function
  • The shutter can completely completely prevent the output port from the intput port, realize maximum attenuation of light power; zero function can easily perform 0dB attenuation with one key.


  • AV6383A/B Variable Optical Attenuator can be used for test and debugging of research, development and production related to optical fiber communication systems -and equipment.
  • Error Rate Measurement
  • Receiver Sensitivity Measurement
  • System Side-Band Analysis
  • System Loss Analogue
  • Optical Power Meter Calibration and Verification

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