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Optical Meters


Dual 1310 / 1550nm Integrated Light Source

JDS Uniphase Backreflection Meters are portable, direct-display instruments used for the convenient measurement of backreflection, insertion loss, and power of connectors, components, and systems. With a single output port, the meters are ideal for jumper manufacturers. The meters can be equipped with one or two built-in laser sources. Sources available are: 850 and 1310 nm for multimode meters, and 980, 1310, 1480, 1550, 1625, and 1650 nm for single-mode meters. The use of an FC/APC ultra-low backreflection connector on the output port enables the use of hybrid jumpers to accommodate measurements with various connector types without compromising the backreflection measurement range. When a device under test (DUT) is connected to the jumper and the DUT output is terminated, the backreflection of the DUT is displayed. The meter's superior optics are very stable at low backreflection levels. Insertion loss and power can be measured to - 80 dBm. Other features include compensation for extraneous backreflection, user-adjustable calibration, an internal rechargeable battery for field portability, a transit carrying case, and a convenient foot pedal for data logging to a computer or serial printer via the instrument's serial port. Key Features - Wide wavelength range - Insertion loss and backreflection capability - Typical backreflection power sensitivity of - 75 dB - Insertion loss and power measurements to - 80 dBm - Multiple connector test system (MCTS) application software - Direct display of measured backreflection, power, or insertion loss - Calibration can be verified using calibrated reference jumpers - Optional RS232 to GPIB converter

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