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Optical Meters

ILX Lightwave OMH-6722B

-40 to +30dBm, Silicon Power/Wavehead (400–1100nm)

The OMH-6700B Silicon Power/Waveheads provide flexibility to easily and accurately measure the optical power and wavelength of laser sources from the blue to the near infrared color band. These products integrate sphere-based power measurement heads incorporating ILX's unique wavelength measurement capability. The OMH-6732B power/wavehead provides accurate power and wavelength measurement from 350 to 530nm while the OMH-6722B measures from 400 to 1100nm, with both measuring up to 1W optical power. The OMH-6780B and 6790B power/waveheads were developed specifically for pump laser diodes with better wavelength measurement accuracy, connectorized and bare fiber measurements, and low polarization-dependent response. Features - Measures power and wavelength from 350 to 1100nm - NIST traceable measurements - Measures up to 10W optical power - Integrating sphere-based measurements - Temperature-controlled silicon photodetectors - Free-space and fiber coupled measurements - Fiber exit port for external measurements (OMH-6780B/OMH-6790B only)

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