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Optical Meters

Agilent (Keysight) 8509B

1200 to 1600 nm, Used Lightwave Polarization Analyzer

The Agilent 8509B lightwave polarization analyzer system is one of the first systems to offer calibrated polarization measurements of optical signals and components. These new capabilities are provided by innovations in hardware, software, and mathematics. Hardware contributions include a four-diode detection scheme covering 1200 nm to 1600 nm. Single-wavelength, 1300 and 1550 nm Fabry-Perot lasers, and an automatic three-state polarization generator are provided within the Agilent 8509B. External single-wavelength or swept-wavelength sources can also be used. Features: - Two automated polarization-mode dispersion (PMD) measurements - Fast, automatic measurements of polarization-dependent loss in optical components

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