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Optical Meters

Agilent (Keysight) 5529A

Dynamic Calibration System

In an environment where the demand for more precisely machined parts continues to increase, the Agilent 5529A dynamic calibrations system helps machine tool customers succeed and flourish. The Agilent 5529A provides machine tool manufacturers and users with the basic components necessary to measure machine tool positioning and accuracy; use compensation data to correct machine positioning errors; diagnose geometry problems; and document machine performance in seven international standards. The Agilent 5529A allows you to choose from a complete set of calibration components including laser sources, calibrator and material compensation boards, material and air sensors, optics kits, cables, and accessories. Or, you can choose from three preconfigured systems (not including optics. Agilent 5529B Basic System: includes a laser source, calibrator and material compenstaion boards, air and material sensors, cables, and accessories Agilent 5529U Upgrade System: includes calibrator and compensation boards, and adapter cables; allows you to upgrade to the Agilent 5529A from an Agilent 5528A Features: - Proprietary Agilent laser tube design for reliability greater than 50,000 hours MTBF - User-friendly,Windows®-based software - Documentation in eight languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, PRC Chinese, and ROC Chinese - Conformance to any of seven international standards: NMTBA, BDI/DGQ 3441, ANSI B5.54, BSI 3800, ESO 230-2, JIS, and GB 10931-89 - Online help windows - Windows is a U.S. registered trademark of Microsoft Corp. Measurements - Linear, Angular, and Angular Postion - Straightness, Squareness, and Parallelism - Way Straightness and Flatness - Timebase - Linear and Angular Languages - English, French, - German, Italian, - Japanese, Spanish - PRC Chinese, and ROC Chinese Standards - NMTBA, VDI 3441/2617, - ANSI B5.54/B5.57, - BSI 3800, ISO 230-2 1997, - JIS 136192, and GB 10931-89 Select Required Components - Bundle of most required products - 5529B Basic System - Laser Heads, Sensors, Electronics, and Software - Calibrator Optics - Calibrator Cables and Accessories

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