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Multimeter: Electrical & Test Equipment

Image Brand Part # Overview
Fluke C100 C100 Universal Carrying Case
Fluke C101 C101 Hard Case
Fluke C115 C115 Soft Carrying Case
Fluke C116 C116 Soft Carrying Case
Fluke C1600 C1600 Gear Box for Meter and Accessories
Fluke C190 C190 Hard Case
Fluke C195 C195 Soft Case
Fluke C20 C20 Hard Case
Fluke C25 C25 Large Soft Case for DMMs
Fluke C35 C35 Soft Carrying Case
Fluke C50 C50 Soft Meter Case
Fluke C510 C510 Leather Meter Case
Fluke C781 C781 Meter Case
Fluke C789 C789 Meter & Accessory Case
Fluke C800 C800 Accessory Case
Fluke C90 C90 Soft Case for DMMs
Instek GOM-802 DC Milli-Ohm Meter 30m-30M Ohm
BK Precision 2890A Deluxe Dual Display 51,000 Count DMM
Tektronix DCM320 Digital Clamp Meter

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