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Agilent (Keysight) 34420A

7.5 Digit nanoVolt/micro-Ohm Meter

The Agilent 34420A Nano-Volt / Micro-Ohm Meter sets a price/performance standard in low-level measurement capability. The noise performance of the 34420A nano- volt/micro ohm meter is more than an order of magnitude better then previously available from Agilent Technologies. Low noise input amplifiers and a highly tuned input protection scheme bring reading noise down to 8 nVp-p. Longer integration times improve noise performance even further. A highly-stable current source and the low noise input combine to make outstanding low resistance measurements. A wide range of temperature measurement capabilities are built-in, providing support for SPRT, thermocouple, RTD, and thermistor sensors. Features: - Math/statistics - 1024 reading memory - GP-IB / RS232 - Chart Output - SCPI and Keithley 181 compatible modes DC Volts - 30 ppm one year accuracy - 100 pV sensitivity - 1.3 nVrms / 8 nVp-p noise - 1 mV to 100V ranges Resistance - 60 ppm one year accuracy - 100 nOhm sensitivity - 1 Ohm to 1 Mohm ranges - Low power resistance - Voltage limited resistance - 2 and 4 wire with offset compensation Temperature - SPRT accuracy 0.003°C +probe accuracy - Built-in conversion of SPRT, RTD, themistor and thermocouple
34420A - Attributes:
Volts (AC)

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