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Agilent (Keysight) 34401A

Digital Multimeter, 6½ Digit

The Agilent 34401A multimeter is a tool kit of useful testing functions. In addition to the standard functions you´ve come to expect from a high quality digital multimeter, you also get many other capabilities, from min/max/avg to built-in limit testing. 6½ digit precision measurements for an affordable price means you can make measurements with confidence without breaking your budget. Features: - 6 1/2 digit resolution to 100 nV, 100 µO, 10 µHz - Accuracy 0.0035% for DC, 0.06% for AC (1-year) - True RMS AC Volts and Current - 2- or 4-Wire O, Frequency/Period, Continuity, Diode Test - Perfect for systems - 1000 readings/sec across the GPIB - GPIB (SCPI) and RS-232 included Great Bench Performance Measurements are displayed on a bright, high-visibility readout. Math functions, such as NULL, dB, dBm, limit test, min/max/avg and dc voltage ratios are easily selected from the clear, logical front panel. A simple menu gives you access to powerful features, such as storing up to 512 readings in internal memory. Traditional "bench" functions, such as continuity and diode test, are also included. Superior Performance in Your System GPIB and RS-232 are standard. You'll save time putting the 34401A into a system too. SCPI, HP 3478A, and Fluke 8840/8842A command languages are built in, so you won't have to rewrite your existing software. PC Connectivity Software IntuiLink, free PC connectivity software for many of Agilent's leading instrument families, provides direct access from your PC applications to the instruments that set up and take measurements. IntuiLink lets you spend less time struggling with instrument data, and more time using it, analyzing it, putting it to work. IntuiLink's PC Application toolbar allows you to easily transfer measurement data and images into your familiar PC applications like Microsoft Office Excel and Word, with little or no programming. The ActiveX control feature allows you to control instruments from your PC, providing built-in routines for simple test system automation that streamline repetitive or complex tasks. Integration between instruments and key PC applications has never been tighter.
34401A - Attributes:
Digit Resolution

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