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Agilent (Keysight) 3438A

5 function Dmm with hp-ib

The Agilent 3438A is a 5 Function DMM with HP-IB. HP - 3438A: System Voltmeter - A 3-1/2 digit, high speed DC voltmeter with sample and hold. The standard unit measures DC volts, provides trigger delay, burst reading capability and HP Interface Bus (HP-IB). There are 3 floating input ranges: 0.1V, 1.0V and 10.0V full scale with maximum display of 1998. Sample and Hold allow the HP 3437A to be an instantaneous reading voltmeter. The trigger delay can be set from 0.1ms to 1.0 second and the number of readings can be set from 1 to 9999 readings. The Agilent HP 3438A is a 3.5 Digit Digital Multimeter with 5 functions of AC and DC Voltage, AC and DC Current, and Resistance. - The HP Agilent 3438A interfaces to the HP-IB providing both addressable and talk-only modes. - Basic DC voltage accuracy of ±0.1%. - Polarity is automatically sensed and displayed. Provides autoranging and HP-IB output format. - Five function DVM with 3 1/2-digit display.

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