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Logic Analyzers

Agilent (Keysight) 1671E

102-Channel 100 MHz State, 250 MHz Timing Benchtop Logic Analyzer

The Agilent 1671E helps simplify the capture and analysis of complex events with 1 MB deep memory. Deep memory can be a valuable logic analyzer feature for solving difficult or poorly understood problems in embedded microprocessor systems. Logic Analyzer Standalone Series Features: - Solid performance: 100 MHz state speed, 250 MHz timing speed, 1 MB deep memory - 2 GB hard drive and 1.44 MB DOS floppy drive - VGA resolution, color, flat-panel display helps you to find information quickly - Navigating through the well-designed user interface is made simple via your choice of either mouse or front-panel operation - Optional PC-style keyboard supported - File formats for ASCII data and PCX/TIFF/EPS screen shots - Centronics printer port, HP-IB and RS-232 programmability - LAN for remote operation via X-Windows and data transfers via FTP/NFS - 23 predefined trigger sequences with graphical representations and plain language descriptions for easy setup of powerful measurements

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