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Frequency Counters: Electrical & Test Equipment

Image Brand Part # Overview
XL Microwave 3600 10Hz - 60GHz, Frequency Counter
XL Microwave 3601 10Hz - 60GHz, Source Locking Frequency Counter
XL Microwave 3080 10Hz - 8GHz, Frequency Counter
BK Precision 104 10Hz to 3GHz Deluxe Freq. Counter/Strength Meter
Agilent (Keysight) 5381A 10Hz to 80MHz Counter
Advantest TR5821 120 MHz Electronic Counter
Advantest TR5822 120 MHz Electronic Counter
Phillips PM6662 120 MHz Frequency Counter / Timer
Instek GFC-8010H 120 MHz, Digital Frequency Counter
Agilent (Keysight) 5305B 1300 MHZ COUNTER
Advantest TR5823 1300 MHz Electronic Counter
Fluke 7220A 1300 MHz Frequency Counter
Fluke PM 6669 160 MHz High-Precision Frequency Counter
Fluke PM 6666 160 MHz Programmable Timer/Counter
BK Precision 1823 175 MHz Universal Counter
Advantest R5372 18 GHz Microwave Counter
Advantest R5372P 18 GHZ Microwave Counter
BK Precision 1804D 1GHz Frequency Counter
BK Precision 103 1MHz to 3GHz Handheld Freq. Counter/Strength Meter
BK Precision 1856C 2.4 GHz Multifunction Counter

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