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Tektronix TCPA300


Tektronix TCPA300 Current Probe Amplifier Applications: - Development and Analysis Solutions for Designers, Installers, and Service - Personnel in Telecomm, Data Comm, Computer, and Semiconductor Power - Electronics Environments For: - Power Supplies (Switching and Linear) - Semiconductor Devices (SCRs, IGBTs, MOSFETs, CMOS, BJTs) - Power Inverters/Converters - Electronic Ballasts - Industrial /Consumer Electronics - Mobile Communications (Phone, Satellite, Relay Stations) Motor Drives - Transportation Systems (Electronic Vehicles, Electric Trains, Locomotives, Avionics) Features: - AC / DC Measurement Capabilities - DC to 100MHz, Current Probe Amplifier (TCPA300) Uses: - DC to 100MHz, 30 A DC (TCP312) - DC to 50MHz, 50 A DC(TCP305) - DC to 15MHz, 150 A DC (TCP303) - DC to 50MHz, Current Probe Amplifier (TCPA400) Uses: - DC to 2MHz, 750*1 A DC (TCP404XL) (500 A DC Continuous) - Automatic Scaling and Units*2 - Oscilloscope On-Screen Readout of Magnitude and Units Reduces Measurement Errors with No More Hand Calculations - AC / DC Input Coupling - Low Insertion Impedance Reduces Device Under Test Loading - Small Mechanical Package - Less Desktop Space, Easier Storage and Handling - Split-Core Construction Allows Easy Circuit Connection - Status Indicators Provide Visual Operating Status and Notification of Potential Error Conditions - Lower DC Drift and Noise Allows Improved Low Level Current Measurements - Certified for use in U.S., Canada, and Europe. Complies with applicable IEC standards. *1 - Derated with Duty Cycle *2 - Requires a TDS TEKPROBE Oscilloscope or a TekConnect Oscilloscope with TCA-BNC
TCPA300 - Attributes:
50 Hz

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